Scepter Dream Meaning

Scepter in your Dreams

To dream of a scepter points out hierarchy recognition or power, unanimous back to actions or given steps, or unquestionable force above all the everybody. A scepter symbolizes ability to transform a collective unpleasant situation or forces to transform a not very serious matter in something sure. If you dream of a scepter made of gold and rubies you will support the honesty of your partners and lawyers in the litigation initiated the last week. Dreaming of a scepter made of silver and emeralds is omened an interesting and decisive debate of you with a colleague from Copenhagen that will confirm your professionalism before the community of businesses.

At times, this kind of dream about a scepter points out care in your steps to obtain power at all cost and affecting your prestige. You should moderate yours impulses, manners or behaviors when exercising the power that you possess in the company.

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