Shish Kabob Dream Meaning

Shish Kabob in your Dreams

To dream of a shish kabob or "kebab" represents to experience pleasure to the palate, to feel something traditional and difficult but only. A shish kabob symbolizes useful, necessary and well remunerated work. Hence, if you dream of a shish kabob you will have a commercial situation where you will notice trust and respect to your person and to that you want right now.

Dreaming of a shish kabob on a spit it is expresses increment of taxes if it is rich and bigger quantity of help if it is poor. If you dream of a shish kabob cooked to the coal and located on a table it is omen easy work and very remunerated soon.

Negatively, to dream of a shish kabob could reflect fear of being treated or embarrassed by another person. Also, it could be reflected the control or the domain of your daily actions totally.

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