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Signboard in your Dreams

A sign usually contains different messages which are responsible for informing and reaching purposes such as preventing people, enforcing different rules and laws, giving directions and / or maintaining order. A signboard is usually placed in a large and visible place so that it is in view of everyone.

As the signboard in dreams announce or warn of risks or dangers that may arise, dreaming of a sign means that we will soon receive information about some events that will affect us without us being able to do anything to prevent it. If we dream of the sign of a store indicates that there is very important information for our affairs and interests, which is related to the text or image we see. If in the dream we see a sign with a Chinese dragon at the entrance of a store, it expresses that we have the impetus and knowledge necessary to materialize our hopes. If in dreams we see a sign that indicates several directions, it suggests that we have the possibility to choose where we want to direct our lives; and advises that we analyze well before deciding on the one that best suits us.

If signboard, warnings or signs are found during sleep, for example, road signs, the meaning is usually the same as the real-life meaning of the sign or signal itself. In general, dreaming of signs, signs or warning signs can be a dream warning of upcoming difficulties that will surely be encountered if we do not change our own behavior. This also applies to other types of signs, such as indications given by someone, for example, a traffic policeman.

The texture or material from which the sign is made can also vary the meaning of this dream, traditionally, seeing in dreams signs made of stones or wood can indicate that the dreamer will soon overcome a period of indecision and at last will clear his mind and soul.

Dream of a signboard that has your name or a photo of you. The world doesn't revolve around you. It's not positive for you that you're so self-centered. Being the center of attention at all hours can lead to serious problems. Try to go unnoticed.

If the sign we see in a dream is made of stone or wood, it indicates that soon we will be able to end a period of worries and concerns that has been harassing us for a long time. To make an adequate interpretation of the signs in dreams it is necessary to understand and remember with certainty what was written or how much the sign indicated, because there we will find the necessary clues to understand what the dream means to us. Usually these dreams try to warn us about real situations in life, as well as help us in various moments of concern. Signboard in dreams announce and warn of dangers or different situations that may arise. Dreaming of a warning sign or danger hints that soon there will be some events in the dreamer's life in which he must be very careful to avoid being affected.

Dreaming by writing or making a signboard indicates that the dreamer is helping others in a good way and that soon this will be remunerated by someone alien and unexpected. When we dream of a sign, which we understand perfectly, it indicates that this information will be useful to be able to move calmly and passively with our lives, but if on the contrary, we do not understand at all the sign or what it wants to tell us, it can symbolize that the dreamer feels disoriented in his social and love life. When in the dream the sign is completely lost, it usually indicates that the dreamer is about to waste the recognition of what he has and possesses.

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