Slippery Dream Meaning

Slippery in your Dreams

To dream of a surface or a floor slippery represents to face a dangerous and tense situation that you will conquer with caution and a lot of reflection. A floor slippery symbolizes to feel the weight of a problem that you will experience with love, care and thought so that the threat transforms into an opportunity of giving love at least. If you dream of a floor slippery inside your house you should avoid all provocation or discussion inside your house with passionate relatives that only speak of errors and mistake of other people. Dreaming of a floor slippery inside a great factory is omened the good handling by you of approaches opposed in the solution of a task in your work.

Over and over, you have to interpret this kind of dream very well to take the premonitions with much care for the beneficial of you and of the other ones. Not be afraid in to make a shameful error or not to say anything on something because the pure potential it will balance everything around to you.

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