Stretcher Dream Meaning

Stretcher in your Dreams

To dream of a stretcher represents privation of things or important matters or necessity of help in any aspect of the life and not only in matters of personal health. A stretcher symbolizes a rational moment and human or a paradisiacal or celestial space. If you dream of a stretcher that transports to you inside a hall very illuminated and hall you should check your matters of health, relatives and financiers with view to your improvement immediately. Dreaming of a stretcher that transports an unknown person inside a hospital is omened reduction of orders to your company during two months what it will also limit the petty cash in your life.

The stretcher has a high content as image but non superior to sick, surgeon or nurse. Hence, this type of dream doesn't allow make mistakes or behavior very idealistic in yours things to be able to take a calm and healthy life.

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