Sweatshop Dream Meaning

Sweatshop in your Dreams

To dream of a sweatshop represents the feelings that your sales are falling and the debts accumulate during a long period of time. If you dream of a sweatshop it means that the wages of the workers of their company were reduced to the point that you could not pay the daily transportation to arrive to the work. Dreaming of a sweatshop you notices a demand on the part of your workers that it can finish in conflict. In fact to feel worker of sweatshop you can be considered rejected by a person that you love a lot.

Furthermore, the fact of working too much feeling of misfortune, but you can reaffirm you will receive a news that will bother you but that with the time it will benefit you. In particular the dream with a sweatshop reflective failure in commercial commitment or loss of hopes or desires for reasons unaware to your will.

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