Tree of Life Dream Meaning

Tree of Life in your Dreams

To dream of the tree of life represents a situation or something that it motivates to live or to stay attentive to your health, work and family. For their mystic and religious value, the tree of life symbolizes the perseverance and the pause, the life and the death, as well as all that surrounds us in constant balance. If you dream of the tree of life written in a wall of your work you will have a wonderful opportunity to apply some ideas in the work. Dreaming of the tree of life carved in stone in a very old column it makes sure the total adhesion of the colleagues and friends in the realization of a barbecue in your house this year.

Currently, this dream is considered an amulet or a protection to all situations difficult of the life or before all complicated election to take for somebody. It is something that offers the premonition of moving away all possibility of temptation or failure forever.

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