Underwear Dream Meaning

Underwear in your Dreams

To dream of the underwear represents a condition that has constituted a loss of the reverence and the respect for yourself. On the other hand, the underwear symbolizes to be able to make an action carelessly or to know some facet of your private life that neither yourself knows well. If you dream of the underwear of your couple inside the closet of your work you will be the culprit of having allowed your children to take an object from the house to the school provoking problems in their classroom. Dreaming of the underwear of your bedroom thrown in the floor, dirty and wet it is alerted of doubts with a true point of view a friend that frequently visits your house.

By the way, this kind of dream could represent a curious and inopportune situation between a relative and a person of your work in the next barbecue in your house. Of you depend to see those people and to clarify everything to avoid all problem or difficulty really.

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