United States Of America Dream Meaning

United States Of America in your Dreams

Dreaming of United States of America is omened development, progress, projects and ascent in your labor life and professional in these moments. To dream of the volcanoes of the United States of America symbolizes stateliness, wide risks, eventualities and commitments in an invitation for an important congress in next months. The rivers of the United States of America in a dream express exquisite, delicate, elegant beauty and distinguished in the art that you carry out habitually. If you dream of the high rocky mountains of the United States of America you suggest full enjoyment, future plans and expansion from your company to other countries and interesting places.

Also, the dream about the universities of the United States of America predicts culture, wisdom, and knowledge, courtesy and good formation for your children, students and friendships generally. You should also keep in mind that this dream can mix with feelings of fears, addictions and dependences that it should avoid to any price.

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