Uranus Dream Meaning

Uranus in your Dreams

To dream of Uranus means the singularity, the independence, the autonomy, and the creativity so much for the well as for the wrong. Uranus symbolizes the kingdom of the perceptible freedoms with their achievements and universal excesses. If you dream of Uranus dressed and vigorous sat down in the room of your house you will enjoy a personal creativity and a commercial enormous utilities starting from tomorrow. Dreaming of Uranus naked and castrated thrown on the floor of your office is omened big businesses but with many risks and dangers due to human errors and to unbalances of the current market.

Generally, Uranus is contradictory and vigorous, it is ascent and fallen hence you very attentive to everything and everybody. DonĀ“t fool around and with your eyes wide open. Although you are liberal, not very conventional and defiant in the way of to think and to act, don't forget to wait the unexpected thing.

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