Vineyard Dream Meaning

Vineyard in your Dreams

To dream of a vineyard means the culmination of a hard and fruitful work or to be rewarded by your great experience. This dream is not related directly with the money, the wealth or with the obtaining of magnificent things. If you dream of a vineyard in spring you will obtain a big important support of your friends and relatives in the execution of an important project. Dreaming of a vineyard in autumn is omened a prize that it will be granted by your community by your support to the orphan children of the city.

By the way, the dream about a vineyard stimulates and exalts the human quality shown during many years by correct and well made actions. If you have this dream and you don't act with human quality it is advised to rectify your behavior and to take the Sermon on the Mount or the Bhagavad-Gita as guide of your life.

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