Voodoo Dream Meaning

Voodoo in your Dreams

The dream with the voodoo, especially if you are in a ritual of this religion, it is a sign of contact and communication with the world of the dead and of the oldest conscience of Africa. The voodoo symbolizes protection, attack, magic and employment of incredible forces to still make more incredible thing. If you dream of the voodoo and their gods you will be able to see the true intentions of some of the executives of your company. Dreaming of the voodoo and their dances and music magic is alerted of your understanding before the incorrect steps of some friends with their own families.

Currently, the dream about the voodoo allows acquiring conscience and observation of the negative, of the imprudent and the bad things that it surrounds you. Hence, it won't be about finding a strange or aggressive way to get rid of negative forces as the hate and envy.

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