Abbot Dream Meaning

Abbot in your Dreams

To dream of an abbot is directly related with the personal control, the discipline and the control on the important things of the life. An abbot symbolizes the person dedicated to relate the good news, to the power of the solidarity and the sacrifice. If you dream of an abbot of a monastery inside the mountains you will receive the sacrificed support of your colleagues to support your family economy and the good instruction of your children. Dreaming of an abbot of a high and coastal monastery is omened a sentimental push that will press you to be sacrificed with love to homeless and people very poor of your county or parish.

At times, this dream reflects very human and loving premonitions where the help is primordial next to a permanent company. With the presence of the mystic, of the Divine or of the respect to the other one, an abbot and your image reinforce a discipline that only makes well.

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