Alchemy Dream Meaning

Alchemy in your Dreams

To dream of the alchemy indicates that your life will be surrounded of surprises, accidental and changes toward a rebirth of your identity. Although it is a not very common dream, this it causes a strong interference or crash in the ideas as final result of its premonitions in the mind. If you dream of the alchemy that a magician practices in a dark place you will win a commercial license or a competition with the help of a friend this year. Dreaming of the alchemy that a priest practices in a very illuminated place seeks advice to be careful when taking something that it isn't of you or to express a judgment without tests convincing.

It´s not fair to identify this dream with matters linked to the black magic, the witches' Sabbath or the witchcraft. Its premonitions will represent something possible and very wanted that it will transform all it should be transform.

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