Androgynous Dream Meaning

Androgynous in your Dreams

To dream of an androgynous person demonstrates adoration to that ignored and incredible, doubts and search when investigating and respect to the contradictory and absurdity for the common person. The androgynous symbolizes omission and purity before to continue investigating if it has or doesn't have something. If you dream of an androgynous one reproduced with fidelity in marble you and your company will have recognition for the contributions given to the community of businesses of your county or parish during years. Dreaming of an androgynous walked down the street and undresses at the end of afternoon is omened arrive of a person not common to your company that will behave as an angel with the colleagues and employees in a way amazing.

This dream can advance good many things but also other things not very good as a discussion for incomprehension, the non approval of a wonderful project or the application of an enormous ticket to your business. However, don't worry and continue forward with a lot of love, educated, positive and at peace permanently.

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