Bongo Drums Dream Meaning

Bongo Drums in your Dreams

To dream of bongo drums represents the appearance of something important in your life that will give sense all your personal daily matters. To listen bongo drums in your dream means warning of success, achievement or edifying change in topics of businesses, love or money. If you dream of bongo drums very used and abandoned on a table you will have to recapture something that abandoned a long time ago. Dreaming of bongo drums very attractive and new placed in the living room of your house it advises wisdom with a love affair accidental.

Again and again, the dream about bongo drums means a call to the enjoyment with good sense of all the new and accidental that happens around to you. Of observing during the dream that you play the bongo drums in a school it seeks advice to maintain your help to a relative that teach you to be who you are today.

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