Charcoal Dream Meaning

Charcoal in your Dreams

To dream of the charcoal represents force and energy, solution of a complex problem that it needs of financial help or the false darkness of something that is pure light of life. The charcoal symbolizes something to polish or to extract the best thing of itself to change a negative or uncertain situation totally. This way, if you dream of the charcoal that keep in the garage for barbecues you will have a lunch of work very positive for your business and company the next Monday. Dreaming of the charcoal that you used in the old stove is omened the academic solution of your children when transforming the realization of their homework in activities ludic daily.

Actually, the charcoal in dreams reflects unusual or incredible changes that end up to save people, actions or businesses largely. However, if in the dream you see the charcoal very wet or humid you will check your accounting books or the behavior of your children in the school.

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