Claustrophobia Dream Meaning

Claustrophobia in your Dreams

To dream of the claustrophobia, manifested in an enclosed space, it represents fear to commitments, demands and to personal limitations. The claustrophobia is an irrational feeling that symbolizes fear above all linkage. If you dream of the claustrophobia taken place in a detained elevator and without light you will have a strong stress for a new responsibility that will assume in some days; please, don't feel like a fish out of water with the change. On the other hand, dreaming of the claustrophobia caused to be in a well of water is expressed the fear to fail in your employment or with your loving commitment currently.

This way, with this kind of dream you won't worry but happiness you for offer an alert to your personal limitations. You can be susceptible but when elevating your self-esteem you will be able to improve your own space or to change plan always.

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