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Clock in your Dreams

To dream of a clock near your bed means discipline, punctuality and dexterity in any task to carry out generally. A pendulum clock in a dream symbolizes resolved problem and concluded commitments in an immediate way. If you dreams of a decoration clock it represents that it will attack a complex but successful task in these days. Dreaming of a luxurious bracelet clock omens the solution of a community complication in some months.

Every clock means time, and if the hands are in motion, it means active time, therefore it does not suggest death, as in another era it was thought; on the contrary, today it is thought to suggest activity, movement, life. Dreaming that the hands of the clock are seen in motion suggests that something important is coming and that perhaps time is being wasted instead of going in search of success.

Are you wasting your time dreaming of watches? A dream with a watch represents the importance of time in a situation. Dreaming with a clock this can be done to have a notion of time and regulate our activities with more determination through these. If you see yourself in the dream giving away watches, it means that you are avoiding taking charge of your own problems. Dreams with watches may not be as common as they seem, but their meaning will always turn out to be very important to understand, since for some experts in the dream world the clocks in dreams are premonitory, and can augur that something negative can happen in your life, a cycle or a major change.

To dream that you give yourself a watch suggests that you try to avoid difficult and annoying situations and that you will suffer attacks on your honor, dignity and reputation. To dream that the glass of a watch falls out of your hands suggests enmities, false friends as well as your own carelessness that will cause losses.

When the dreamer is seen winding a clock, it suggests that all his social relations will be favorable and that his interests will be favored. Dreaming that a wristwatch looks like, no matter what kind, suggests that much more could be achieved with greater effort. To dream that a clock is broken is the threat of various losses in business or of any other nature. Dreaming that you see the time on a clock suggests that you should be careful against already known rivals. To dream that his watch is stolen suggests enemies of danger that from the darkness will threaten the honor and tranquility of the home.

To dream that someone is giving you a watch suggests that they are trying to pass on your problems. Dreams where we see ourselves as watchmakers often indicate our need to find perfection in all the functions we perform on a daily basis. It also suggests that there is a very intimate satisfaction with what has been achieved so far.

When in the dream we see ourselves looking at the clock to know what time is indicative of anxiety and worry in our real life, it is possible that there are some pressures at the social or family level that keep us harassed, waiting for results in some field of our life and therefore we feel distressed.

If in the dream we do not hear the alarm clock it is a sign that some distractions will make us lose the opportunities to progress in the professional field. To dream that we wind an alarm clock indicates that we want to respect the planning we have made regarding a specific issue. Dreaming about watches is important, since it means something valuable from our life, always associated with something we want to do in our present that can benefit the future, thus being important to understand the meaning of dreams with a watch, to understand what may or may not happen in our reality. Main dreams about clock or watch: wall clock dream, clock dream, meaning of a clock in a dream, broken clock dream meaning, symbolic meaning of clock, clock in dream, alarm clock dream meaning, watch in a dream, watch in a dream, watch dream meaning, wrist watch in dream, gold watch, stolen watch, broken wrist watch, diamond watch. Dreams with a men's watch are usually associated with your health, if you notice in your dreams a grade and elegant watch, it means that stress and anxiety will be very reduced in your life, which is good, because it allows you to have better control of your emotions. While if the watch is small and inelegant you should have a check-up, because you can go through muscle aches and pains.

If in the dream we see ourselves asking someone else the time is a sign that in the near future, although for us they will be relevant, we will make unimportant requests to some people around us, which will generate dislikes and some setbacks in our relationships. Going to a watchmaker in dreams is a sign that a situation will arise in which we will have to resort to someone close to us to help us solve some inconveniences that will cause us concern. In any event, the dreams about a clock it alert take care when you express your ideas also. Please, speak with gracefulness and love, only express the good thing.

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