Communion Dream Meaning

Communion in your Dreams

To dream of the communion indicates that you are experiencing a fight between your necessities and your moral principles. Maybe, you are being about ordering your feelings regarding the importance of belonging to a faith or religion contrary to your necessity to have an emotional happiness. If you dream of the communion that it offers to a sick person in a bed you will be able to confirm the negative attitude of a person that has been unfaithful or deceiving with you. Dreaming of the communion that they offer to people in a church or temple is omened the correct development of your acts when giving the best of you to a group of needy people.

Every so often, the dream about the communion it offers premonition that alerts but not avoid a private or public worry important for your life. If you see the development of a communion in a strange place or not link with this you will take all the measures to evade a problem.

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