Eyelashes Dream Meaning

Eyelashes in your Dreams

To dream of eyelashes points out growth and natural protection in daily or very annoying matters as the lack of hygiene, the laziness and the stupidity in the daily activities. The eyelashes symbolize a suggestion, a care and a support to make the things in a better way. Dreaming of eyelashes false and of color black is suggested to elevate your discipline in the realization of activities of daily hygiene as the daily bathroom and the buccal night cleaning. If you dream of eyelashes natural and of color brown you will be able to improve the enjoyment of taking a bathroom with the buy of new products relatively economic.

Moreover, a good advice on this kind of dream is observer very well its details or its particularities to take all its premonitions. Without difficulty, you will be able to try to show all your habits without fear of critical in some room of massages and without reserving for anything neither for to anybody.

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