Glitter Dream Meaning

Glitter in your Dreams

To see glitter something in your dream points out something real, beautiful, improved, magic and near to the childhood; but it can also be something false, apparent and hidden that will show in the future. A statement or popular proverb points out in the best way what symbolizes this dream when express "all that glitters is not gold." Hence, if you dream of glitter of the sun while you sleep in a calm and green hill you will enjoy the wedding of a great friend in some months and you will be the best man. However, dreaming of glitter of a metal or plastic object on your worktable is omened a complicated problem that you were not able to detect on time in your company during all this year.

Many times to dream of this image remembers that the magic and the beauty are difficult to see in the real life in all moment. You’re attentive to all around you when you have this dream and only confident enjoyment of the innocence and the astonishment of a child that plays before your vision.

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