Grass Dream Meaning

Grass in your Dreams

To dream of the grass represents some personal aspects that are of great force and growth in your spirituality and that they are guarantee of your personal security. This dream can also express the natural defense of your body or of your moral patterns before negative or evil issues of the life. If you dream of the grass abundant of a park near to your house you will obtain a personal great victory with a diligence that you carried out one year ago in another city but with your current employment. Dreaming of the grass cut and piled in your garden it is omened the obtaining of many benefits when it finishes the arrangement of your workshop.

Actually, the dream about the grass is linked with the life, the force, the sexuality and the regeneration of the things that make better to all people. The obtaining of a good employment, of a prize of the community or of a scholarship they are some of the things that it praises this dream.

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