Handkerchiefs Dream Meaning

Handkerchiefs in your Dreams

To dream of handkerchiefs it represents that you will give a good-bye or a greeting to somebody from a port, an airport or a house. The handkerchiefs symbolize a farewell expression or an important communication that it can end up being painful or sad. Dreaming of handkerchiefs of colors hung in a window is omened a pleasant farewell to a colleague that will give a trip of tourism for several days. If you dream of handkerchiefs of white color in a basket of clothes you will retain an uncomfortable communication to your couple arrival to the mailbox.

Likewise, this dream could point out very complex matters if you see the fall of handkerchiefs or it detects that the handkerchiefs are dirty. In those cases, the premonition will be much more serious as the imminent fall of the social position, the closing of the credits or the loss of something very dear.

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