Humpty Dumpty Dream Meaning

Humpty Dumpty in your Dreams

Dreaming of Humpty-Dumpty sat down in the wall of your back yard it seeks advice to improve your health for the negligence of your corporal weight during years. On the other hand, Humpty-Dumpty means critic, limitation or stop to your disorder or negative habits. If you dream of Dumpty-Humpty falling of the branch of a great tree you will be able to make an irreversible error movement in your life. To dream of Humpty-Dumpty represents to take care of your diet, to exercise your body or to get better your quality of life generally.

Moreover, this dream means the danger of the excesses in the life or the total trust in the senses of the taste and the smell. This premonition alerts on a situation that it won't be very simple to solve regularly.

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