Indigo Dream Meaning

Indigo in your Dreams

To dream of the indigo color as color demonstrates their tendency to the mystic thing, to the mental clarity, to the prophecy of the positive and creative in favor of family and friends for the benefit of all people. In the old towns of Lapland the indigo one is an adored color and linked to the spiritual elevation. For everything it, dreaming of the indigo one with reddish shades you will have an unexpected encounter that will allow you to elevate your passion and love with somebody well-known. If the shades are violets it will be a matter that will confirm his friendship's quality.

Finally, if you dream of the indigo color feeling cold or much cold it could mean an unexpected problem that will prove their human qualities before family and friends. If in the dream you do dress with a mantel of indigo color the test it will be very difficult for you.

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