Lotus Flower Dream Meaning

Lotus Flower in your Dreams

To dream of a lotus flower represents the beauty or the sensibility that a person takes a risk so that others can see, to have or to enjoy. The lotus flower symbolizes the fullness of the beauty, the love to the fellow and the desire of helping so that others have the necessary thing. If you dream of a lotus flower of rosy intense color in a pond in your house you will be able to help the needy neighbors of your community mediating the association of help of the church. Dreaming of a lotus flower of white color in a pond in your house it expresses the embellishment of your garden with some arrangements that you will carry out the coming spring.

Of course, the personal effort is fundamental in this type of dream to show interest in to improve or to help that the things improve in the community or in your garden. This dream is so alone a warning so that you assume with happiness and love the task that have for the enjoyment of others at peace.

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