Morse Code Dream Meaning

Morse Code in your Dreams

To dream of the Morse code represents communication, sign of something near and difficult or to express that another person wants to speak to you. The Morse code symbolizes to simulate the things, to give signs to guide somebody or to try to dominate or to control something or somebody. If you dream of the Morse code emitted by you from a ship you will be able to interpret a complex situation in the work that will solve a problem. Dreaming of the Morse code emitted by a well-known person from a place of a coast is expressed the arrival of a person that will have very good relationships and intentions with you to be true and transparent.

At the same time, the dream about the Morse code could omen indifference or disobedience to the authority of your company or of you in your house. In this sense, meditate and manage everything with wisdom and intelligence to be authentic and human.

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