Ocean Dream Meaning

Ocean in your Dreams

The ocean observed in a dream is omen of life, of enjoyment and of stimulus for the life or to warn the arrival of a new member of the family. To dream of the ocean is interpreted by Jung and their studies like place of creativity, of fertility, and of the childbirth. If you dream of the ocean and with the big waves of a night storm you will be persistent when having to conclude a very difficult work. Dreaming of the ocean and with very calm waters in a clear morning is omened some wonderful days with your family in a beautiful place and with a lot of peace.

Actually, the dream about the ocean expresses the force that elevates the things, the power that impels the origin of the life and the atmosphere of peace of the so necessary Universe to live. It is easy to see what means the ocean if you take a time to breathe calmly and to remember that passed with love and to want the best thing here and now.

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