Onions Dream Meaning

Onions in your Dreams

To dream of onions represents sadness, envy, malice and continuous cry as consequence of achievements or victories of other people. Some onions symbolize expressions of apparent transparency and sincerity but in fact they are negative deep feelings. If you dream of onions on your bed you should investigate or prepare for a big disillusion inside private sphere. Likewise, dreaming of onions on your work table is alerted of a negative behavior of somebody near and contrary to you in some days.

By the way, the dream with onions expresses always that you will be focus of envy, suspects, or resentment for yours successes. To that it is included, inside the dreams, to eat onions indicates triumph on the all opponents, while onions inside a pot imply expansion in the businesses and if in the dream you are cutting onions you will win all fight against yours enemies.

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