Ugliness Dream Meaning

Ugliness in your Dreams

The ugliness of somebody or of something in a dream is not related directly with the physical attributes of anybody neither of anything. To dream of the ugliness of somebody or of something it means the quality social, human and ethics of the people and the value of the nature in general. Dreaming of the ugliness of an animal seeks advice to take care of the nature and to avoid their contamination. If you dream of the ugliness of a person you should show your solidarity and love with people sick and needy.

Every so often, the dream about the ugliness advises or impels attitudes or changes in the physical or moral behavior, as to collaborate, to help, to forgive and to take care. It is a premonition that it will be very related with the necessities of the fellow-being and with the desire of sharing something of their affection with all their fellow men.

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