Vitamins Dream Meaning

Vitamins in your Dreams

To dream of to take or to see vitamins symbolizes the necessity of something, the urgency of help or a sign of alert of the physical body for the weak nature or of current low self-esteem. The dream about the vitamins represents fight for the survival or to reach the force the body or the spirit. If you dream of the vitamins that it contains a big and blue flask you should control your health to guarantee an become old of quality. Dreaming of the vitamins that it contains a small and transparent flask is omened for you a good health forever.

Therefore, this kind of dream guides to you a road for your life, health and money for the best path to reach and to consolidate the force in the convictions and in the body. Also, the vitamins can indicate advice to improve an inadequate or bad eating that would damage your body with the years.

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