Wallpaper Dream Meaning

Wallpaper in your Dreams

To dream of the wallpaper represents to think in a defensive way, to remain alert of all strange or aggressively of other people against you. The wallpaper symbolizes to maintain the appearances, to clean errors and to show an aspect or an appropriate condition. If you dream of the wallpaper of your house to substitute it you should see the difficulties or not payments of bills at the present time to liquidate them right now. Dreaming of the wallpaper of your office with the intension of changing it is alerted that somebody is hiding some mistakes or non correct handlings inside your company what forces you to discover all secret or manipulation about it.

On the other hand, the dream about the wallpaper that it urges to be substitution it points out checkup of something built or had designed since little time for their total correction. It is important that you don't leave these complicated omens to the will of not very serious people or with little experience.

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