Wheelchair Dream Meaning

Wheelchair in your Dreams

To dream of a wheelchair symbolizes an accident, incapacity or a limitation physical or professional surpassable. This dream is almost always manifested like a nightmare. However, if you dream of a wheelchair where you are who you use it you will receive a good advice to leave your dependence state or permanent help of others instead of solving the problems yourself.

Dreaming of a wheelchair that is immobile you will be able to lose the support of partners and friends in your public and private life. Attention, it is advising you to control your matters with strong hand and sure. Please, take advice. On the contrary, you can mean that you collaborate too much and it is letting other people to manage your life. Meditate if it admits or not to somebody, if it is firm or not in your things.

If you dream that a friend or member of the family is using a wheelchair, this should be a direct call to the attention of your health. They are in necessity of help. Bring your advice and offer your friendship and help.

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