Abstinence Dream Meaning

Abstinence in your Dreams

To dream of the abstinence in some daily action can mean that you should rectify or to improve your steps in the life at the moment. The abstinence symbolizes the stability and the balance or the temperance and the moderation as rules of the behavior. Dreaming of the abstinence of a well-known person in a party of weddings is omened the dominate of your behavior before a demanding executive of your company. If you dream of the abstinence of an unknown person in an activity outdoors like a barbecue you will be able to show your responsibility and self-discipline in an important work.

By the way, the dream about the abstinence has an expressive unforgettable force when always taking its premonition to its last negative consequences as for what gets lost definitively. You should take this dream as the hand of a friend that wants to help you or to advise you.

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