Nails (Hammering) Dream Meaning

Nails (Hammering) in your Dreams

To dream of nails (of metal to use in wood or masonry) represents the personal power of uniting resisting or persevering on two or complex more matters in an area of your life. It also indicates something that will be fundamental to make to conquer a problem difficult to solve in the family mark or of businesses. Dreaming of nails you receive the message from persevering with your energy or creativity to maintain something that possesses.

Even, you can have responsibilities or obligations that you cannot expect more time to be solved and that you need of an idea or equipment selected by you. Initially, you can feel forced in the time to apply your solution. Without doubts, to hammer nails during a dream represents the willpower, the tenacity or your perseverance at front of a final decision.

On the other hand, to dream of having in your hands nails represents to alert in the strong defense of a personal situation; you cannot be unable or not to think correctly for that defense. In other occasions, one has dreamt in nails nailed on works of graphic arts what reflects to leave feelings of inability and to elevate energies to maintain the employment or the position in a creative employment and professional.

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